"Home Means Nevada 4" Macrame (RTS)

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"Home Means Nevada 4" Macrame Wall Hanging

As a native myself, I wanted to pay homage to my state that I was born & raised in. Colored cords are recycled leftover pieces from previous projects that I wanted to include into something new & unique.  :)

  • 12"x1" Wooden Dowel - Wooden dowels may vary from color to color depending on wood type.
  • 14.5" length from top of wooden dowel to bottom of longest fringe.
  • 100% raw natural cotton cord - Size: 3mm - Colors: Off White, Blue Jean, Plum & Sunflower.
  • This piece may be a one off or may be a duplicate in the future.
  • Ready To Pickup (RTP) OR Ready To Ship (RTS)