About Spiraling Love Deco

Hi, I'm Megan! Spiraling Love Deco all started when I became a stay at home momma in 2018 and decided to take up a new hobby. I started with wreaths, then onto many other crafty items. That's when I found my love for macrame & hoops. I grew up in Southern Nevada but have the passion for anything coastal.

Where did the name come from? Well, my life is full of ups & downs and my love is always solid no matter what is going on in it. Spiraling + Love + Deco - was then born. It all continues to spiral up from here! I know I didn't want to categorize myself to just one thing - wreaths. Because I want to keep growing and keep making beautiful things for you all to have around your home or work place.

I am lucky enough to have an amazing supportive husband and 2 beautiful daughters. I work on your orders in my down time, morning and evenings. My life is really busy but I enjoy creating beautiful things - it's like therapy for me. When you shop small, you're supporting people like myself who do this as a great way to be able to stay home with my little ones when they need me the most! Thank you! <3